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Products > Specialty Cleaners > Dry Vapor Steam

Dry Vapor Steam

Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners

Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners utilize the high temperature of steam vapor to clean & sanitize.

Steam Vapor ( 94% dry ) vs. Industrial Style Steam Cleaner ( < 80 % wet ) "Dry Steamers" are ideal for small area cleaning and sanitizing where saturated style cleaners are inconvenient. Steam Vapor is comprised of droplets much smaller than steam. This allows the vapor to penetrate cracks and crevices with a 99% bacteria kill factor.

Chemical Free Steam Cleaning - The high temperature of vapor kills bacteria, mold, dust mites and other allergy causing pathogens. NO need for toxic chemical disinfecting.

Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning - High temperature vapor penetrates - cleaning and sanitizing sink, shower stalls and flooring.

Full range of hand held interchangeable accessories for use on virtually any surface.
Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner
  • 110 volt

  • 12 amps

  • 15 watts

  • 60- 65 psi

  • 260 - 270 F

  • 3 quarts tank

  • Safe and Simple to use

  • Up to 2 hours of operation

  • Stainless Steel construction

  • Compact Size - easy to store

  • 11" x 12" x 18" - 33 lbs

  • Hospitals

  • Restaurants

  • Laboratories

  • Supermarkets

  • Hotels / Motels

  • Nursing Homes

  • Educational Facilities

  • Health Care Equipment

  • Milk Cases

  • Sticker Residue

  • Display Coolers

  • Grease from Stoves

  • Meat Cutting Surfaces

  • Grills & Deep Fat Fryers

  • Food Processing Equipment

  • Stains & Gum from Carpets

  • Ceramic Walls & Tile Grout

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